Student Services


Change of Contact Information

If your information changes, please login to to update your information.


Student ID

Agora University can issue Student ID cards which might be helpful for local library use or other student services and discounts. If you are interested, please send an email to the Registrar’office. Student IDs are valid for two years and are renewed based on the registration status of the student. If you lost your student ID, a $10 replacement fee is required and paid to Agora University. 


Graduation Ceremony​

Upon graduation, all students are issued their diplomas and transcripts via the postal service. However, Agora University organizes a graduation ceremony once a year at its headquarters in Springfield, VA for those interested in attending. The Graduation Ceremony is not required.



Establishing a community is an integral part of Agora University’s Mission. We invite all our graduates to join our Alumni Network which provides our students and faculty to stay connected and provide support to the University community. Please contact our alumni coordinator at


Library and Technology

Virtual Librarian
Agora University has an online Virtual Librarian available to students during the following hours:

Librarian Service Hours
Monday – Friday (7AM EST to 9PM EST)

Saturday – Sunday (12PM EST to 7PM EST)

All students will have access to Electronic Databases including ATLA Religion and Periodicals, ProQuest, Cengage and other digital resources. 

All our students will have access to our online platform LMS ( The programs we are offering are mainly based on regular Internet access to the LMS, and this will require both a basic competence in skills related to Internet use and easy access to suitable computer. Each module has a designated website granting immediate access to vital information, electronic resources of various sorts, and providing a site for regular on-line tutorials.