Advisory Board

  • Mr. Alex Shalaby – President of the Board
  • H.E. Archbishop Dionysius John Kawak
  • H.G. Bishop Angelos (Egypt)
  • Mr. George Sorial, J.D., M.B.A., L.L.M.
  • Mr. Mark Morgan, J.D.
  • Ms. Lana Sawiris
  • Ms Natalie Ramses 

Executive Team

  • Dr. Emmanuel Gergis, M.A., M.Litt., Ph.D. – President and Chief Executive Officer 
  • Dr. Michael Wingert, M.A., M.A.T., Ph.D. – Dean of Holy Transfiguration College 
  • Mr. John Saad – Chief Technology Officer 
  • Mr. Amir Hanna, M.Sc. – Chief Financial Officer 
  • Ms. Sylvana Selim, M.A., M.Fin. – Chief Operating Officer
  • Mr. Sherif Shaker, M.T.S, M.B.A – Chief Business Officer
  • Mr. Avram Ibrahim, M.B.A. – Director of Public Relations 
  • Mr. Bassem Massoud – Director of Finance 
  • Ms. Vero Saad, M.T.S. – Director of Community Engagement
  • Mr. Pablo Diaz, M.A. – Senior Director of Educational Services and Partnerships  
  • Ms. Mary Ghattas, Ph.D. (ABD) Undergraduate Program Director
  • Mr. Mourad Massoud Agora University Press, Managing Director
  • Mr. Remon Michel – Media Production Specialist 
  • Mr. Andrew Amir – Information Technology Manager
  • Ms. Iriny Guirguis, Director of Human Resources
  • Ms. Norma Joseph – Director of Marketing
  • Sandy Agban – Associate Director of Accreditation
  • Ms. Monica Mansour – Senior Admissions Officer
  • Mr. Bassam George – Bookeeper
  • Ms. Christine Georges, MBA, Director of Admissions